I have something to share with all of you.

A friend of mine bought himself a complete suite of Office 2000 Premium about a month ago, and he installed them his Windows 2000. And, since he is such a faithful Microsoft software user (???), he decided to download and install the 'Office 2000 Serive Release 1a' or 'o2ksr1a', without any backups.

I guess everyone knows that Microsoft
has released this SR-1a as means of fixing all sorts of problems caused by the original SR-1. The Office Update Website also mentioned that the SR-1a includes the Registry Fix Utility. So, there shouldn't be any problems with the new SR-1a.

Or, should it?

He rang me up for help at the night he installed the
SR-1a. When I saw his PC, I was totally surprised: all office applications shutted themselvs down immediately after opening them, and, there were no error messages, nothing was registered in the Event Log. Everything was absolutely the same as Juha Saarinen mentioned at New Zealand PC World May 2000 edition, page 15.

Obviously, the SR-1a does more harm and no goods.

Of course, I can't uninstall it, either.

The only thing I could do for him was reinstall his OS and Office 2000. And of course, all his all-important-reports were overdue next day.

Isn't the SR-1a supposed to be the cure of SR-1?

I would like to shear this to everyone, particularly to anyone who has suffered from the similar experience. Also, any comments are welcome.

Until we hear further notice from Microsoft, I suggest everyone just keep away from the Office Services Releases for a while.