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    Default Good combat flight games?

    Im looking for a new combat flight game. The most recent one I have played is Red Baron 2, so I am a bit behind with them.

    Anyway, I have a joystick, just a basic one, sidewinder 1 or something. And I want to use it. Will I need to get a pedal/rudder thingymajig?

    I will play 99.9% offline, so it needs to have very good offline play. I liked the Red Baron way of having a career, and getting promoted to captain, and then having access to new planes and whatnot.

    Please reccomend some combat flight sims to me.


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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    Might be a good idea to tell people what your system is so they know what it can handle. ;-)

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games? is considered the holy grail,I never managed to enjoy it,I must be lacking something that only the "hardcore" possess.

    I did get many months of enjoyment from MS Flight Combat Simulator 3,although that was panned by those in the know.It does tend to have the odd screaming halt,which apears to be a case of poor coding as all machines ive run it on got the stutters.

    Still,a good involved action packed and freindly a hostile killing others kind of way.

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    Try Freespace, any version.

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    CF3 3 is a good, but not great combat sim. If you've played Red Baron 2 then you'll find the career mode in CFS3 disappointing - a great shame considering both products were project managed by the same guy. But it does have the benefit of allowing add-on planes and there's plenty available on the Net.

    I've never played Sturmvik cause no one sent it to me to review and I'm a cheap bastard, but as Metla says, among the WW2 sim crowd its considered the leader -- except of course by those who consider CF3 to be the leader. The two cmaps don't play nicely together.

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    Win XP
    Geforce 2 mx 400
    Athlon XP 2000
    256mb Ram

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    That card will make Combat Flight Sim 3 unplayable im afraid.

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    Combat FS3 works ok for me but I like Combat FS2 better. Some of the older programmes were much better. I used to love Jane's Fighters Anthology but it does not want to run properly on my XP system. Anybody know why ?
    Empire Flying Corps was another good one which worked on windows 95 but no good in XP. IL2 is not bad but the Russian Plane is a real nasty to fly and the target identification is awful. Jane's WW2 is not bad if you don't mind flying over all that ice and snow. Cheers......heaton

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    Dolby Digital

    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    >>a great shame considering both products were project managed by the same guy
    But you know how it is Bruce. With Microsoft, there are other forces at work. I'm sure a project manager at Microsoft would be subject to this

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    Default Re: Good combat flight games?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Thanks to metla about the Geforce 2 making combat flight sim 3 unplayable, I was looking at that.

    I have downloaded the demo of Freespace 2, and will check it out soon. I like space flight games. G-Police was great. Freelancer was good, but I can think of heaps of ways it could have been better. I didn't like the mouse flight for one, and there wasn't much to do on it.

    It is a bit hard for me to get demos, as I have a 1gb cap. Wasn't there some guy here that was looking at selling demo cd's?

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