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    Nigel Thomson

    Default jetstart/ jetstream problem

    Righty ho
    I am on some jetstart package, when i wish to access the jetstream games realm thingie,
    I change my login to,
    and I can do this ok I mean it works provided I am actually browsing the server when I do this..... otherwise every page i try to get (on the server, times out)
    I also can only update my linux stuff (via yum) if i am logged in under the jetstart bit,

    UMMM well i have utterly confused myself reading this, It made so much more sense in my head,

    I can download entire Isos at jetstream speed provided I am browsing the ftp server in one tab while I change connection in the other tab (firefox) then the downloads work but I can't change connection then try and access the ftp server, it just times out.


    thanks Nigel

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    Default Re: jetstart/ jetstream problem

    Try Filezilla off sourceforge for accessing the FTP files (lets you resume and its like the best FTP client I've ever used), and for games use All-Seeing-Eye to find the servers.

    Remember you have 2 ftp sites,

    Both mirror the same content, but you have the added advantage of another server if one is going slow.

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    Default Re: jetstart/ jetstream problem

    Do you mean that while you are on the JSG Realm, you can't access other realm sites in other windows, or tabs?

    You are aware that, when logged into the realm you only have access to a limited range of sites, such as

    and Xtra games servers. If you try to access, say this page at PF1, it will time out.

    You mention that you can download at full speed in one tab, then you try and change connection in another tab, it times out ... you can only have one connection to an ISP going at once, that will supply info to any and all tabs you have open.

    Sorry if I misunderstood what you are saying.


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    Nigel Thomson

    Default Re: jetstart/ jetstream problem

    Damn I knew i'd confuse everyone,

    What i mean is that
    I change my login to bla@jetstreamgamies, but if I am not browsing the Jetstream servers at that time, I can't access them(until I log back into my jetstart account), it just times out,
    however If I am browsing the Jetstream servers at the time i change my login then I can continue browsing the Jetstream servers and download at jetstream speed

    and yes I do realise that when logged in to "jetstreamgames" I can only view stuff on that realm, problem is that when I login to jetstreamgames I can only access the servers if I am already browsing the Jetstream servers, if I am not browsing on those servers or I close my open browser window, I can't access the Jetstream servers, it just times out.

    Well I think that might be marginally less confusing

    Would it have anything to do with the DNS servers I am using


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