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    My daughter's original game cd is scratched and no longer playable. Is it legal to make a copy even if it is copy protected.

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    Hi jkhoo, and welcome to PressF1.

    Technically it's not legal. Copying for any purpose whatsoever unless it specifically says you can make a backup copy, is strictly illegal.

    Your best option is to contact the store where you purchased the game from, provide them with proof of purchase and give them your damaged CD, and see if they can give you a replacement. Some game manufacturers will be willing to do this free of charge.

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    Billy T

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    Hi Jeffrey

    If you can't play it, you almost certainly won't be able to copy it.

    A quick solution is to get it repolished. Many video/dvd rental chains offer this service (for obvious reasons) and it is cheap. I had a program CD polished and it came up like new.

    This is provided that the scratch is on the data-read side only. If it is on the label side you are out of luck.


    Billy 8-{)

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    It's not illegal until someone finds out.

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    >>If you can't play it, you almost certainly won't be able to copy it.

    How about we change that to if you can't play it then you still have a good chance of making a copy,As long as the damage isn't drastic then odds are good after a slight buff up.

    And for more drastic issues there are programs available that can take care of the bizzo,Badread is one such program(unless i got the name wrong,its been awhile......)

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    .if your disc is not to badly damaged try polishing it with green turtle wax polish polish across disc not around good luck


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    no such word in the IT vocabulary........................

    i say crack it and copy.............................................. .......and hid it.....................

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