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    Default Can't get websites

    Gaaaah!!! I'm trying to access 5 websites. EBay, Google, Pressf1, Cyclone Computers and phpBBhost. Of all of these I can only get PressF1, and I have to press Go 3 Times to load one page!

    I'm using ClearNet dial-up with a Dynalink Internal Half-height Modem. I used to be able to get all of the above sites, but now I can't. The internet's slower as well. I've emailed the Clear HelpDesk, and got "I cannot replicate the problem here. Please take it up with the webmasters". Fair enough if it was 1 website, but we're talking 5 here. And it's been going on for a while now. Where to go now? I'm at the end of my tether, and I'm tempted to switch to a company that will actually get the websites I want.

    Thanks. MM

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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    Also on Clear and having same problem especially as i'm waiting from a response for from someone at audioenz forums. I might ask the question here as in another thread. I can't get google etc etc but can get xtra's site and clear's.

    Sigh always happens when you need something.


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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    i have noticed paradise/clear has been having trouble with international sites. i've had several times over the last few weeks of no international sites working, only local ones have been working. (don't forget some local addresses are actually served from offshore)

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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    that's it. I've called Clear and have disconnected from their network. For good.


    Coming to you from Orcon Internet Dial-up.

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: Can't get websites

    Not just Clear, I think there is a major disruption to the internet going on, I've had the same problems this morning, could be dos attacks/ etc.

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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    Yes same here. I can't get Windows update or AVG update and other sites have problems too.

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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    Orcon had a power outtage yesterday, they were off for an hour or so, then their free hosted sites took a while to get back up. Orcon email is still messed up, but at least they have up to date info on their site about the problems, and when I rang the helpdesk yesterday they answered the phone promptly and were very apologetic about the problems.


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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    I can browse some sites perfectly, other sites, the browser says "document contains no data". Can't get Hotmail, Yahoo Australia, MS update, Gmail,, but no trouble with many overseas sites, any other news?

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    Default Re: Can't get websites

    I didn't change anything and suddenly about 15 minutes ago all sites have become accessable again. Wonder what was happening?

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: Can't get websites

    I had just the same as you zqwerty (using Paradise 128K ADSL), I wonder if it was anything to do a portal into NZ?

    Anyway it all seems ok now. The worst bit was not getting my streaming 1920s fix from Live365

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