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    Cptn Hotshot

    Default OT: 8mm Film to VHS/DVD Conversion

    I have a number of 8mm film rolls (each about 15mins long) which I need to have transferred to VHS or DVD.

    Does anyone know of a business in Auckland that can do this for me and at what cost?

    Is the conversion to DVD a one or two step operation .... is it converted to VHS first then to DVD? And are you "double paying" for this if it is a 2-step operation?

    Any advice/suggestions much appreciated.

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    Default Re: OT: 8mm Film to VHS/DVD Conversion

    Google leads immediately to here:

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    Cptn Hotshot

    Default Re: OT: 8mm Film to VHS/DVD Conversion

    Thanks GF. Will make contact.

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    Default Re: OT: 8mm Film to VHS/DVD Conversion

    It would always be nice if they gave a ball park figure for film to file conversion cost and what method that they use to do the conversion. ..

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