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    Default Microsoft to share code with partners

    Not sure if this has been posted before, so here ya have it...

    Microsoft to share code with partners

    Software giant says licensees of Windows CE operating system can own modifications to code. June 28, 2004: 11:54 AM EDT

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. will provide an unprecedented amount of source code to licensees for its latest Windows CE operating system for electronic devices and allow them to own innovations they make to the software, the firm said on Monday.

    The move is designed to satisfy diverse customers using the Windows CE software in everything from automatic teller machines to mobile phones. It comes amid a growing challenge from the Linux operating system, which can be shared, copied and modified freely, enabling it to run on almost any computer hardware.

    Microsoft now allows only premium partners, governments and academics, access to its source code -- the blueprint of an operating system. But for the new Windows CE 5.0, due for release on July 9, it opens the doors to all comers.

    Find the rest of the article at:

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    Default Re: Microsoft to share code with partners

    >Thought I should add this tid bit from the article:

    "Because Microsoft charges fees for its proprietary software, it closely guards access to its intellectual property, which has fueled the firm's revenues of more than $100 million per day."

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