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    Default Keyboard problem - Toshiba Satellite Notebook

    My Toshiba 4300 series satellite pro notebook has a problem with the keyboard space bar.

    While all other keys have distinct movement of around 20 mm or so, the spacebar hardy moves at all and actually requires reasonable downward pressure to make a space. Sometimes it is sucessful, sometimes not.

    The handbook details proceedures to remove the keyboard, which look straight forward, however I have resisted the temptation untill I at least consult with you guys n girls.

    To steer me on my way, does anyone know the make up of a toshy keyboard ? Is it of the membrane(?) type or perhaps it is similar to a normal desktop keyboard and has springs etc. Or perhaps someone has some idea of what might be causing the problem.

    I have turned the machine upsidedown, given it a shake but nothing at all fell out, not even a dead ant! Likewise running the vaccum(?) cleaner over the keyboard made no difference.

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    Mrs Bump

    Default Re: Keyboard problem - Toshiba Satellite Notebook


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    Default Re: Keyboard problem - Toshiba Satellite Notebook

    rung toshiba?

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    Default Re: Keyboard problem - Toshiba Satellite Notebook

    Thanks for the bump :-)

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    Default Re: Keyboard problem - Toshiba Satellite Notebook

    Yeah - what a waste of time - "oh dunno, it's a bit old, no one round here would probably know - try the web - dialtone".

    ...anyway the web site www.experts advised that the keyboard cable comes out right under the space bar and it has been known to "bunch up" under the bar thereby causing the effect I had.

    Off with the keyboard and right on. That was exactly the prob.

    I have used experts exchange before when PF1 was unable to help. I can only say their resource base is huge and they have always been 100% correct in solving my several little probs. However as someone once said " It is better to use a local resource to solve local problems", to which I agree, so I will continue to use PF1 as my first line of defence.

    I am not knocking PF1, as you guys n girls do a fine job, but mention experts exchange as I believe it is wise to have more baskets to put eggs in, than just one. If you get my drift :-)

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