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    Default Page doesn't fit whole screen


    I have a problem with my Internet Explorer. I am using windows xp and when the screen resolution is set to 600 by 800 pixels the web page fits the whole screen of the internet explorer. But when I set my screen resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels the web page does not fit the whole screen of the internet explorer. There is white gap down the right hand side of the page. Does anybody know how I can change the internet explorer settings or anything so that there is no large amount of white space down the right hand side of the page and the width of the web page is made to fit the whole of the internet explorer?

    Btw, the page I am viewing using the two screen resolutions is

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Default Re: Page doesn't fit whole screen

    While you are on the xtra page, resize the page (using the size thingy on the bottom right corner of IE) and see the effect. Now go to google and do the same thing. See the difference? The xtra page was designed for 800 x 600 resolution and you get the big white stripe because you are running at a higher resolution. Not much you can do about this....

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