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    Default Flashget's spyware

    I heard Flashget all versions have spywares as reported at Pest patrol site .

    Some say that if one install as shareware , then flashet will be installed without spywares . However, I know that both of the dll files are still on my computer . But also, one has to get rid of it at registry level .

    Any idea on how to do this or just follow the instructions on Pest patrol for deleting Flashget at registry level will do . Thanks .

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    Default Re: Flashget's spyware

    Shouldn't be a problem BUT please pay careful attention to their first instructions....

    Set restore point...
    Save registry....

    Then you can follow their instructions.

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    If you are unsure of going in to the registry grab Regseeker from Here
    and use the find in registry feature also look for Aureate and Radiate which come bundled with flashget . Also if you want a good download manager try Leechget it's free and has no nasties from Here

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    going by [url=]this info from pest patrol....they are full of it.there is nothing wrong with legit BHO's.

    most vers of flashget have cydoor spyware which adaware or spybot will remove. however the latest ver has the ad support built in (no cydoor file).
    is it spyware still? i have no idea and i couldn't care less.

    the BHO in this case is the url catcher (so flashget downloads it instead of IE). there is also a netscape style plugin for non-IE browsers tho some do not need it for flashget the work with the browser.

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    If you want to know what Software comes with with spyware have a look url=]Here[/url]

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    Default Re: Flashget's spyware

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    Flashget makes no secret of the fact that it installs adware,once this is removed it still functions fine,the bho it installs is needed as already mentioned to monitor clicks so it can handle the tasks of downloading,remove the bho and its left blind and of limited use,the bho itself is not adware,the adware is the ads displayed in the program.

    Johnboy your link states This information is valid as of 5/15/02,dunno if you saw that or not.

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    Never checked the use by date no wonder i'm behind the times.

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