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    With XP and IE 6 I use Net Defense Firewall which, probably like most, gives a message of numbers for the 'Remote host" and another for the application involved when it blocks a connection. A number of them repeat often and some are listed as ...System 32/ntoskml.exe.....or another....system 32/svchost.exe.......All I can find is that they are Microsoft applications? But how can I find what they are - these examples and all the others that are blocked? I am new to the firewall use I know - seems I need help - thanks in advance.

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    Try this site Here

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    Greg S

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    I can't offer specific help on your firewall (I use Kerio) but many of the rules you can make will apply to all firewalls. You need to decide on which port numbers you want a rule created for (either open or closed etc) as well as what applications are allowed to connect with and to what ports on the internet. Finally you need to decide what services on your computer you'll allow.

    So, herars a webpage you can look at for more specific help:


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