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    i'm a bit confused..
    when i set group policies in xp.. how can i set it so it only effects a group of users

    say if i have a group called restricted.. how can i set it so the policies only apply to that group and not power user?

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    Go to security properties... add the group, remove power users.

    Make sure everyone you want is in the group.

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    um.. where do you go to get to security properties?
    there's so many security properties in different places..

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    after you have started the group policy editor (run gpedit.msc) expand windows settings / security settings /local policies. Then double click on the policy you want to change. You can then choose to add a user or group to that policy or remove them
    Hope that helps.

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    i did some settings in run->mmc->Loaded Group Policy Snap-in
    i set some restrictions under user config -> Admin templates
    the the restriction seem to effect everyone...
    even accounts with admin privilages

    only loggin in as Administrator can by pass the restrictions

    any way to set those restrictions on a specified group of users?

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    You have to deny acces to the gpt file under windows/system32/group policy/ for the users you don't want the policy to affect. You will have to "show all files" to see the GP folder.

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    Meant to add!
    As an example if you want the policy to affect all users except the administrator. Deny access for the admin to the gpt file. When you want to alter the policy you have to give admin access to the gpt file before you can do any alterations then deny access again.
    Has worked for me.

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    um...seems to work..
    but it seems a bit.. um.. werid..

    is there like.. a proper config i'm supose to do that i'm not doing??

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    Group policy is mainly designed to work in a domain enviroment where the domain admin can create/add a policy to users and groups. To my knowledge there is no way to do this on a standalone PC besides the way I have described. This way there is only one policy that is enforced and can be filtered as to who is affected by access permissions to the gpt file. Maybe someone has another way but this is the only way I found to do it when I first looked at setting up group policy on a standalone for Win2000.

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