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Thread: PSU replacement

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    Default PSU replacement

    I have to replace the PSU on my PC Company Computer. It has a 110w at the moment but it is very noisy. The PC is mid 2001 and a AMD 1400. I want to extend it,s life untill I buy another PC and then hand it on for more mundane usage. I have been through the archives and studied all the psu replies (PoWa are you there?) and have got the general idea but am unsure about AT and ATX PSU,s. What is the difference and how do I tell what I need?
    Also I would be interested in anyone else who has done the swap and could offer any advice.

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    Default Re: PSU replacement

    Are you replacing the PSU because it is noisy? If so, either lubricate the fan or install a new fan at a fraction of the cost of a new PSU. 110w sounds a bit light!!!, but if it has survived so far why replace it?

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    Billy T

    Default Re: PSU replacement

    An ATX will do just fine, you don't need to know the differences. A 250W should do you if you don't intend loading it up. Don't buy Hyena and that's about all you really need to know. If you have read all the recent posts you will have seen the recommended brands. Iinstallation is a simple plug and play replacement job.

    Re PoWa, sorry, but he doesn't live here anymore.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Murray P

    Default Re: PSU replacement

    It will be an ATX PSU. Has it got noisier over time or was it always like that? The fan could be on the way out and as John says you could replace that yourself if you feel competent doing that sort of thing but, mucking about with power supplies can not only be hazardous to your PC's health but yours as well. Are there any other issues that with the PC that could be attributable to the PSU like sudden re-boots.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Default Re: PSU replacement

    most likly your running a AMD 1.4ghz t'bird. i highly recommend you change the whole case while you are at it. those 110watt psu where not always a standard unit and those cases are fairly poor so its a good time to kill 2 birds with one stone
    300 and 350 watt cases+psu's are easy to get. get a least a 300 or a very good 250.

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    Default Re: PSU replacement

    Hi Murray
    It has always been noisy but now it varies in "waves" of noise and then stabilises to a loud drone. It has not stopped as yet.

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    Murray P

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    How do you feel about pulling the PSU out (not hard) opening it up, pulling out the fan, lift the sticker and put a drop of sewing machine oil or similar at the end of the shaft? If your handy and your aware that you can get a belt from one of those things evenm when turned off give it a try.

    However, tweak'e makes a very good point about "relatively" cheap proprietary cases and PSU's. You could pick up a better case and PSU for around $100- or less. That should keep things happy for a while. A new PSU may not even fit in the case or the space left by the current one.

    Cheers Murray P

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    D. McG

    Default Re: PSU replacement

    Wow - my computer is in the same situation! Except that the Asus motherboard is also faulty (and was meant to be replaced by the PC Co. under warranty, but all they did was rearrange the PCI cards. But I digress...).

    Anyway, I've also found my computer to be very noisy since the day I got it, and decided on replacing my PSU with a Zalman 300B-APS for the near-silence and better quality. Oh, yes, I'm also replacing my Thunderbird 1400 processor with a Barton (which is meant to run cooler), getting a new case, motherboard and HSF (that should also run much quieter than the AMD standard HSF supplied). Having looked inside my computer, the worst thing about the case that I have seen is that the PSU obstructs the CPU. And also the front hinged door is a pain if you have a second optical drive (bought before the days of combo-drives) that suddenly decides to spontaneously eject itself. Another item to replace.

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    Default Re: PSU replacement

    Whats wrong with the hyenas?

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    Default Re: PSU replacement

    >Whats wrong with the hyenas?

    they blow up !. to unrelible to warrant useing exspecially for their wattage rating.

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