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    Hi All. Am getting a message every time I want to shut my PC down. Say: "An error has occured...file name VWIN32(05) + 000012DO Error: OE 0028:C02A44A8". The computer sometime shuts down as normal, or will need to be shut down by turning it off at the wall. Any help what this might be and how to fix

    Cheers Al

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    whats your os?

    How long has it been happening?

    Does it corespond to any changes in the system?,such as new programs,a major crash,virus infection?new hardware?

    I see OE in the error msg,you could try downloading and installing the latest version of Internet explorer which will update Outlook express as well.

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    Millenium. Havnt made any changes or updates, although interesting that you mention that because at every startup it has a message about updating the system, but dosnt (if that makes sense) Al

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    Sorry -been happening for about a month now

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    The error is slightly misspelt perhaps?

    000012D0 (0, not O) and 0E, not OE in the last part.

    VWIN32(05) + 000012D0 Error: 0E 0028:C02A44A8

    Look this up on Google, there are several hits.

    Can be an install problem, but usually related to their being Adware, Spyware or worse on the PC.

    Corrupt Mailwasher files can also cause it.

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