hey there...

Fixing a friends computer, he had the signs of virus:

1) RPC shutdown
2) Couldn't copy or paste
3) Couldn't open links
4) Couldn't open hotmail
5) Couldn't update norton anrivirus
6) IE would crash within 10 seconds of being run
7) Couldn't manually shutdown from start menu or ctrl-alt-del (But i managed to use shutdown -s)

Also, spyware going down, like messenger (the net service, not msn) messages being sent from randoms. I stopped this bye stopping the messenger service.

Anyway- At first I thought it was Sasser or Blaster (old and new), but the fix programs for that didn't help. I used spybot and adaware (after painstakingly and slowly updating both) to get rid of about 130 nasties... but when it came to the virus...

Norton Scan, after finally getting it to work (it originally wouldn't open at all when any button was clicked, and it wouldn't update either, but then I used shutdown -r to restart and it worked- so the definitions were updated when i scanned), found nothing after taking an hour. My friend said that it had kept popping up a few days prior with auto detect messages saying that there was an infection; ergo my surprise when it didn't find anything.

Could this actually be a virus? or is it some sort of Windows problem (the not loading, etc)...
I thought that at the lack of finding a virus would signal some sort of external threat, maybe someone reaching in each time and not leaving a virus? Maybe?

Also, i used the shutdown -a to kill the RPC shutdown early, would this have stopped the virus running, or shut down the affected program, so that Norton couldn't detect it?

I couldn't get the chance, but another friend with similar symptoms said that you couldn't go to the AVG site at all...

Just some thoughts in there, though I'm not sure. I thought it was parculiarly odd.

Anything would be appreciated, thanks.