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    Default WIN XP Pro, Folder & Scrollbar Locked


    I have a problem with WIN XP Pro, locking the folder and scrollbar when I right click a file for options ( eg to email it ).
    I am unable to close the window for the folder and the Task Manager shows it as not responding.
    The scroll bar also stays open and firmly rooted whereever it was opened on screen.
    I can not end the task from this point.
    The only option that I have is to reboot.
    Internet Explorer V6 is installed and has been reinstalled.
    Other Specs if they help are P4 2.26, with 512 ram and 160 GB of drive space running Zone Alarm, Norton antivirus and Spybot.

    Options please and i guess someone is going to say what i'm thinking...

    REINSTALL XP ( Grrrrr )

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    Default Re: WIN XP Pro, Folder & Scrollbar Locked

    Boot into safe mode,see if the problem still happens.

    If it does its probally time for a reinstall.

    If the problem doesnt apear,then reboot into normal mode and Shut down ALL of your start up programs,reboot see if the problem goes away.

    blah blah blaah,do that and fill us in on the results.

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