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    I've just typed up a 11 page assignment but then right at the end it said "please enter your name and student ID as a footnote on every page"

    How do I enter a footnote at the end of each page and have it in small grey italics?

    I using Microsoft word 2003 in WINXP and yeah i fiddlied with a few settings but was afraid to do more incase i wreck the whole thing lol..

    Please Help


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    go to View > Header and Footer

    and in there, type in your name and student ID

    Use the normal justification buttons, to make it left, centre or right alignment, plus the normal italics button.

    Anymore probs - I am on MSN if you need help

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    Hi Chris Additionally, when you click on Header and Footer, the system shows the insertion point in the header and opens a floating toolbar opens. Click on the third icon from the right on this toolbar and the IP moves to the footer. Treat the footer as a small document with all normal formatting etc. To see the final result, greyed out as required, look at File>Print Preview.

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    Hey yeah thanks both of ya..
    i got it all sorted now and yay

    was worried that i had to type the stupid footnotes in and wreck the layout...

    Thanks heaps

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