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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    1999-2000 I had one of those alcatels, u know, the one with handsfree...there were 4 colours for those, Black, Blue, orange and lime....Anyway, got rid of it because everytime someone texted you, it could only display the number, not the name.

    2000-2002 Nokia 5110. Good phone. Survived many accidents, the aerial went bust, after falling aerial-first onto concrete *shudders*, but it still worked fine.

    2002-2003 Nokia 3310. Bought this phone cheaply in Sydney, coz the 5110 was a bit too big. This was first phone that i had problems with, in terms of the screen freezing etc.

    2003-present Nokia 3530. This one has survived many accidents. I've dropped it many times, like trying to put it into my pocket but it falls to the ground. Nothing comes apart so I assume it's built strongly. Has a few chips here and there, but that's easily solved by changing the face place.

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    Greg S

    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Got a newish Nokia which has a standby of about 10 days. But my old Ericsson A1018s had an original standby of 3 days, and after 2 years it wouldn't last 30 minutes. Bought it about 4 years ago

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    Miami Steve

    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    I believe that modern phones should be able to survive a lot more than they apparently can. They are mobile phones. That means that people might want to take them outside. They might want to go trekking in the hills with them (if they can get any decent coverage ).

    If you are hinting at the story on Fair Go regarding impact damage, then I think that lady has got every right to take action. Accepted these phones are "delicate" electronic equipment, but they shouldn't need to be kept in a cotton-wool-lined lead case.

    As for your original question..

    I had a Nokia 6210 - great phone, no problems, been handed down to kids for emergency use.

    I now use a Sony T68i, not quite as easy to use as the Nokia, but good screen. Ironically, it has been dropped more times than I can remember, with no detrimental effect. Guess that proves that the phones can be capable of surviving impact damage.


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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Good one Robo,
    have had a nokia 6120i work phone for the last 4 years, dropped it a few times but no problems as yet, BUT...purchased a Sagem from Farmers last year to keep in the car, had it for 6 months with a TOTAL call log of 7 (seven) mins and it just dropped calls, would not charge either, after much quoting the consumers act etc they replaced it with Alcatel, that lasted for 3 weeks with a total of 15 mins, it would not switch off so was sent back for repair and I was told that it had moisture damage and was not covered by the warranty, I explained that it had not been out of the car and could it be humidity, they said yes but it's still not covered. When told that they did not warn us not to use it on a humid day and we will see them in the disputes trib.. they refunded the money, can't be hassled with another one. 2 Phones 22 mins talk time not good enough, Oh forgot to say it drained $84 from the card first. Pibs

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Phillips Fizz = 3.5 years still going
    Nokia 5110 = 4 years still going. Upgrade because it dropped a lot of connections.
    Nokia 3530 still going
    All phones have been dropped several times.

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Meh....Reading this thread just made me realise i haven't seen my mobile phone for a couple of days....

    Best i start to panic.

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Late 80's, a Nokia "bag phone". Ultra reliable and good performer but large and heavy. Never died though, became redundand due to size.

    Nokia 6120. Never died. Traded in.

    Nokia 5110. OK, traded in still working fine.

    Nokia 7710. Disaster. Kept failing in the area of the slide/microphone, serviced 3 times, eventually suffered a terminal accident when it was run over. Not missed. This was a $900 POS. (but as it was a freebee from Vodaphone at least the price was right)

    Nokia 6210. Great phone, but first one died in a week, firmware lockup. Replacement still going strong 3 years + on. Probably one of the best phones made I believe.

    Nokia 3650. Performance is OK, new so time will tell. Does not feel as solid as the 6210

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    re dropping cellphones from a height...I had two users who both killed their Nokia 3586s from a height of only 1 foot....mind you, they both dropped them into water (a week apart).
    It was not after (on both occasions) I had handled the phones that each user decided to mention that they had dropped their phones in the toilet.
    And yes, don't ask me how they get that close to the toilet before dropping them. No, they aren't PXT phones, so no porn thing going on there.
    (yes, this is true. I'm sure weirder things have been done with CPs).

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    Neil McC

    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Isn't it time they were considered "disposable"?
    Yes,I think so,robo.Had a couple of Motorollas---flip lids---,then 2 or 3 Nokias since I started in business 10 years ago.Swapped to Vodaphone so I wasn't tied into a 3 year contract. Have just bought a Sony Ericsson Z600.Nice clear sound and decent keys that hide.Not worried about a camera etc,just a good phone.And I try not to drop them anywhere!Some near misses,like coming off the belt in a ceiling,then wondering where the phone had got to.

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Gosh I hope this isn't going in the next PC World magazine. I absolutely hate the pages and pages of monotonous camera, PDA and phone articles.

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