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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    I have had a few phones over the years.......

    1.) ericson, 1 year, droped too much

    2.) ericson, 1 year, droped too much

    3.) acatel club, 3 years and still going

    4.) acatel 311, 18 months, keyboad died with no help from me

    5.) sony ericsson (POS) , 1 year and still going.

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Ericsson 788 (or something like that) - Still worked fine when I got rid of it, although the battery clip had broken (that's part of the battery, not the phone). Had it for about a year maybe ?:| I upgraded.

    Ericsson T28s - Still goes great, but the battery expanded heaps that it no longer fit in the back of the phone (and broke the battery clip off - this one was on the phone). Needs a new battery now (and some repairs to the clip)(new batteries are like $100+), but the phone works fine. Had it for 4 years. Upgraded.

    Sony Ericsson T68i (notice a pattern?) - had it for a few weeks, works great!

    In short:

    Ericsson 788 - 1 year, still worked fine apart from broken battery clip.
    Ericsson T28s - 4 years, still works fine apart from broken battery.
    Sony Ericsson T68i - brand new, goes fine.


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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    > It eventuated that the whole T28 line suffered from
    > this problem, and there was nothing I could do about
    > it. The T28 was such a nice phone, too :'(

    I had (well still have) a T28, and never had this problem - had it for just under 4 years now. Phone still works great, it'd be good if I could find a decent battery for it (after the last one decided to expand to almost double its tiny width).


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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Have two Alcatels. The second which superseded the first but is still in tandem is the "One Touch DB" - not to be confused with another DB !!

    The latter is just starting to give problems after a couple of years. I put together a text message and just twice when I go to send it goes a bit loopy and sends a phone number instead, the text message gets lost. All in all they have definitely been worth the expenditure. Even though we are oldies my wife and I often text each other and sometimes the kids overseas.

    When we were in UK last year however there was a free deal with Vodaphone to charge your phone. They had no charging sets for Alcatel however. If you are going overseas and reliant I would get something more universal - such as Nokia.

    But then I am cautious !! --- Live a little ]

    Misty :|

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    Murray P

    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    # 1: About 1988, Sony (I think) portable ph the sort that you felt like you could call up the artillery or an air strike with. Separate handset with cord, flip up aerial and full size keys. Had a carry handle and shoulder strap but, you wouldn't take it too far. Its two advantages over the Motorola bricks was that it could still send and receive when everyone elses ph's were shot and the battery lasted twice as long, oh and the ringer could be heard for miles if you turned the volume up. Traded it in on my next ph.

    # 2: 1990. A big old Nokia, whatever, about 1/2 the size of a Motorola brick. Just died one day for some reason. Had dropped it a couple of times and the face plate used to mist up because of the cracks but maybe the 2 times I took it for a ride on the roof of the car accelerated it's demise.

    # 3: 1993. Nokia 252. Survived up until 2003 when my wife took it for a swim in the tide. It was a pretty sick puppy by that stage anyway and I hadn't personally used it since the end of 99. Had a few spills and thrills including the car roof trick. Also dropped off a three storey building but the scaffolding slowed it's decent if not it's velocity to any great extent. Keys were pretty shot at the end of it.

    # 4, 5 & 6: 2000. Nokia 5120's. Kindly supplied by a benevolent boss (trying the saleried lifestyle for a chage). These ones coulnd't hack the pace. I might have dropped them once or twice but mainly they just got run into the ground with use.

    # 7: 2001. Nokia 5510. Much the same as the previous turkeys.

    # 8: 2002. Kyocera (the model before the 2235). Welcome to 027. Developed a split in the face plate somehow, the first week I had it?? got that replaced but it started showing tell tale signs of giving up towards the end of the year, erratic key function, etc.

    #9: 2002. Kyocera 2235. Those nice Telecom folk replaced the old one with the latest model when the old one finally expired from old age.

    #10: 2003. Kyocers 2235. Back in the ranks of the self employed. Did a deal with those nice folk again and decided on the 2235 because the previous one I had used was still going strong.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    I have had a Nokia 5110 since march 2001 and its still going strong.
    In my job as a hose doctor it gets used a lot at around 500 minutes dialed out and 700 minutes received a month. It has fallen from my top pocket to the ground whilst climbing along digger booms many times. When this happens the battery flies off, the sim card falls out in the mud put it together sweet. Because it rings sometimes when my hands are oily it looks a mess, the numbers have worn off the keys as well.
    The battery wont die maybe because between jobs it sits in CARK91 kit.
    I really dont think I will ever change it other than buying another second hand that has had an easier non hose doctor life.
    I dont need a dumb wap phone or a camera to take pictures of chicks in the gym or swimming pool etc.
    I love my 5110 lol.


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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    1st Phone) Motoraolla t2288, solid realiable phone, got to the stage where battery needed charging about every 4 hours (year=whenever they first came out cheap in nz?)

    2nd) Another Motorola (forget the model num) also pretty solid. Sold it to change to Telecom ($10 txt).

    3rd) (current) Sony erricson T206, no problems so far.

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Here's one with a nail through it - this is what happens to cell phones that go off in my polytech classes!!

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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Good on you.


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    Default Re: OT - Cellphone Handset Longevity - quick survey

    Now, the big question. Do you think cellphones are tough enough? You can't help but drop the sucker now and again. Usually from three feet in the air or lower (upper thigh level). Shouldn't they be able to survive that?
    We seem to consider cellphones an "investment" but if they lasting little longer than their warranty period with regular and normal use, are they actually fit for purpose? Isn't it time they were considered "disposable"?

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