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    Default CD-RW Hiding from Apps

    I rarely use it for copying a CD, so this problem "popped up," today, even though I've copied a few CDs in the past.

    My (sole E CD-RW drive is in the device list, is listed as working properly.

    I can format CDs for data and send files to a data CD.

    But any CD copying application can't "find" the CD-RW. It's simply
    not in the drop down window when a "please choose drive/device"
    window makes such a prompt? Neither is anything else!

    OS is Win 98. Lotsa HD space, too.

    Why would such apps not be able to "see" the CD-RW?

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    Default Re: CD-RW Hiding from Apps

    for copying cd's you really need to use cdr's not cdrw's.

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