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    Default AthlonXP detected as Duron

    Hello, I've recently recieved an athlonXP 2000+ from someone, and after putting it into my Asus A7M266 mobo, it is detected by windows as a duron. I've updated the BIOS already to the latest version, and it's detected as an athlonXP at startup.
    Is this normal? Or should I update something?

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    Murray P

    Default Re: AthlonXP detected as Duron

    What cpu speed is it reporting, is it correct. What does your BIOS tell you?

    Were you running a Duron previously and is your BIOS and/or motherboard set to Auto detect the CPU.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Peter H

    Default Re: AthlonXP detected as Duron

    In my case, normal. I just put in a Athlon XP2200+, and it says "unknown processer" It works, that's the main thing.

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