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    I've just done a critical update for XP and its changed my settings so that I now have to go through a logon user screen.

    Previously when I started the computer it would go straight through and automatically log me on as "owner". Now there is a screen that wants me to click on "owner" before anything else happens.

    As I'm the only user this is a real pain but I can't find a setting to change this. Can anyone help please?

    Thanks in advance

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    go to the control panel, user accounts. then click "change the way users log on or off".

    then ensure that "use the welcome screen" it ticked and apply options.

    (the only time i have seen where you have to click a user on the welcome screen is when either: you have logged off, or have more than 1 user account)

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    Thanks for that. I'd got the welcome screen ticked but the update had added a new user (for a printer access)!!!!!!!!!!

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