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    Default windows program menu

    How can I shrink the size of the all programs menu. I have quite a few programs on it and it is disappearing from the bottom of the screen. Can I separate this into two columns?

    Alan Rutherford

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    Jen C

    Default Re: windows program menu

    What OS are you using?

    Try right clicking on the Start Button and select Explore. In XP it opens up into your profile's All Program window. You can right-click in this Window and create new folders such as "System Tools". Then you can drag any other program folders into this new folder, such as Ad-aware, Spybot etc that meets this description. You can always move any game shortcuts into one Game folder as well. By moving other folders into a single folder this will compact down the All Programs Menu. You can even make the new folders have a customised look. Right click on the new folder and select Properties and then customise icon (or something along those lines) and then pick what ever icon takes your fancy.

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