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    bk T

    Default SDRAM vs DDR SDRAM

    1. What are the main differences between SDRAM and DDR SDRAM?

    2. Physically, how to identify which is which?


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    Default Re: SDRAM vs DDR SDRAM

    See if you canfind anything interesting here.

    Still not answer all your questions? We're happy to spoon feed you some more

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    Default Re: SDRAM vs DDR SDRAM

    that web site tell the story of DDR quite well (its twice as fast)

    as for the visual diffrence, look at the photos on that web site and you will note the diffrent number of pins, the diffrent notches in the conector, and the diffrent notches in the ends.

    thay dont fit in to the wrong socket unless you push then way too hard (dont do this)

    if you dont know which to get for your system then have a read of the motherboard book and it will tell you.

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    bk T

    Default Re: SDRAM vs DDR SDRAM

    Thanks, KingWave. That's an excellent site - direct to the point, brief and yet provides all the info I need.

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