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    Default LSA Ecountered a problem and Add word

    Hi, could anyone help me on this topic. I am currently running windows Xp home. I got this pop up message saying Shut down Timer, which automatically shutsdown and restarts itself. Then when it has finished restarting a message called "LSA Shell encountered a problem" this some kind of virus or something.

    I also get a weird End Programme after I switch off my computer which says "End Task "Add Word" which i have no idea to which programme this is. I searched it on my harddrive and nothing seems to come up.

    Any help would be great

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    Default Re: LSA Ecountered a problem and Add word

    Wonder if it is the same problem as here which indicates a need for windows to be updated. A variation of the Blaster worm?

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    Default Re: LSA Ecountered a problem and Add word

    Yea i went to there......and i have installed all current updates from microsoft......ill just try and wait.

    Do you about the Add Word programme though? because i switch off the comp, and it says "end task" on add word inorder to switch off computer

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    Default Re: LSA Ecountered a problem and Add word

    No it doesn't ring any bells either I'm afraid. Maybe just start, then shutdown and see if it comes up. Or maybe it is another innocent program that noprmally you wouldn't see except for the worm. You could check your services and see if anything is running that shouldn't be.

    Do you use a firewall, a real one like the free ZoneAlarm, or the XP standard (imitation) one?

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    Default Re: LSA Ecountered a problem and Add word

    Im just running xp normal firewall, can you give me advice on free download antivirus check of firewalls? where i can download them

    There anyway to get rid of Add word or the LSA problem.

    Thanks for your replies

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    Default Re: LSA Ecountered a problem and Add word

    If you want to know about a firewall, read chapter 2 here.
    Basically it is like a guard on the door, and decides who comes in/out. What those people are carrying such as viruses etc is not for the guard to check. Therefore, a firewall means only the appropriate program can access the outside world and only that info that is sent to that program is allowed in. Anti virus is the "X-ray" machine and determines if the allowed info is in it's book of "badware".
    Now the problem with the standard XP firewall is that it stops incoming, but doesn't tell you what is going OUT. So if you pick up a trojan that the anti-virus doesn't know about, it could send anything it wanted out of your computer without your knowledge. Other firewalls also control the out as well as the in.

    Easiest free one is ZoneAlarm from here

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