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    Default Home Network Speed Issues

    I have 4 computers on my home network, 2 running XP Home, one running Win98, and the other WinME.

    My problem is Data transfer speeds. All computers have 10/100 cards that are set to auto negotiation which are all connected to a 10/100 switch. I get decent/expected speeds between the XP and ME machines both ways, but when I try to send something to the 98 machine from the XP machines, the transfer is painfully slow...about 20 seconds for a 45KB file! Yet to grab a file from the 98 machine from the XP machine is fast.

    I have heard somewhere that the XP networking wizard has something to do with this, that I should configure the settings manually or something.

    Anyone with any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Home Network Speed Issues

    See if anything on this page is of any help.

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    Default Re: Home Network Speed Issues

    This is all good stuff, and just what I'm looking for I recon..!!!!

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