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    Miami Steve

    Default Video Card Drivers - NVidia vs Leadtek

    I have a Leadtek A350 TDH MyVIVO video card, with a NVidia GEForce FX5900 Ultra GPU. The question is, which drivers should I use. The Leadtek site has version 53.03 drivers (dated Dec 2003) which are NOT WHQL certified. On the NVidia site, the latest detonator drivers are version 56.72 (dated April 2004) and are WHQL certified.



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    Jen C

    Default Re: Video Card Drivers - NVidia vs Leadtek

    Do you use the WinFox utilities or WinFast MyVIVO? If you do, you might like to use the Leadtek drivers as the developers might of optimised them. Your Winfox/WinFast programs may also need updating.

    But as you can see, they are older driver versions than what is available from nVidia. I have a Leadtek card and I have always just used the nVidia drivers without any problems. You can also get WHQL certified nVidia drivers from the Microsoft Update site (again, older versions).

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    Default Re: Video Card Drivers - NVidia vs Leadtek

    I've stayed away from the 56.72s and gone back to 53.03. The newest ones crashed my machine a number of times and refused to play certain games properly.

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    Miami Steve

    Default Re: Video Card Drivers - NVidia vs Leadtek

    Hi Jen C,

    WinFox utilities are loaded in the system tray, but all I use them for is keeping an eye on temperatures. As for Winfast MyVIVO, I don't really know. Not that I am aware of. I have loaded the NVidia 56.72 drivers and all appears to be OK. I guess I'll just stick with that.


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