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    hi everyone, having major problems with new pc. I do know a bit about pc,s having assembled a few, however this one's a pain in the a** with so many strange things going on, maybe it's possessed.
    FIrst of all, I only bought a new box (AMD2800+ with KX600mb, 512mb ddr ram, fx5200 agp, 80g HD) Trying to load on my trusty old software (w98se + apps) has proven a nightmare, with most of it only partially loading before locking up, or blue screening. System freezes, won't load everything on reboot, and has come up with registry errors (even after loading only a couple of progs). I've even already reformatted) I did manage to load Norton Utilities and run tests, which have brought up a memory sector errors. Initially thought that at last the problem is faulty ram, so back to replace ram, install new stick...same error occurs. Upon the install, my system also started reading as Athlon 1420, not the 2800+. Checked Bios & manual, but this is not an option to change, as it auto detects. Any ideas? Is this a faulty MB?, Maybe faulty CPU?

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    is there any fsb jumber or bios optoin?

    what psu?

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    FSB set to 166*12.5, has a 400w atx psu

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    just rebooted, and pc has mysteriously decided to read correctly again (that is XP2800+).
    Anyway, other problems still exist, cant load most of my (not that old) software. My camera driver will load however, but slows the whole system down to a crawl. Deleting it brings it back up to speed.

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