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    Default Outlook 2003 Stops Responding When You Try to Quit

    When I try to quit Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, the program stops responding.
    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 827408 admits there is a problem
    when you have connected to your network through a network connection that is different from the one that Outlook 2003 is configured to use. Outlook 2003 waits for certain processes to end; however, these processes cannot start because the incorrect network connection was active when Outlook 2003 was started.

    However, I am not connected to any network at present and I am using WIN XP PRO & plain dial-up connection. Outlook 2003 was installed as part of an upgrade from Office XP PRO to Office 2003 PRO.
    Any ideas how to resolve this problem ?

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    Default Re: Outlook 2003 Stops Responding When You Try to Quit

    Note: This only works in some situations!!

    Try just leaving outlook alone for about 15-30 mins. Windows may tell you thet the program has crashed, and if it does, DO NOT 'END TASK'!! Just leave it alone, and this usually solves a lot of woes, and you may find that the problem will now go away entirely. This problem could also have been caused by killing outlook without properly closing it down - this can cause no end of strange problems.

    Hope this helps (but it might not)

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    Jim B

    Default Re: Outlook 2003 Stops Responding When You Try to Quit

    Check if you have two versions of Outlook installed, remove any other versions.

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    Default Re: Outlook 2003 Stops Responding When You Try to Quit

    I have found the culprit after some extensive trial & error testing ! See below:

    "Outlook 2003 stops responding when accessing WinFax PRO 10.02

    When you use Outlook 2003 with WinFax PRO 10.02 or earlier and Outlook attempts to access the WinFax message logs or contacts list, Outlook and WinFax stop responding. The computer is running Windows XP or Windows 2000.

    WinFax PRO 10.02 and earlier are not compatible with Microsoft's Outlook 2003. A replacement CD may resolve the issue for WinFax PRO 10.02. To solve this problem, contact Symantec Technical Support. For information on contacting Technical Support, read the document WinFax technical support policy.

    If Technical Support determines that the problem is a known issue with WinFax PRO 10.02, Technical Support will send you the replacement CD at no charge for the CD. There is a charge for shipping and handling. "

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