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    Joe Davies

    Default HDD Transplant problems

    Hi Folks!

    I recently took the opportunity of trading my trusty, crusty old Celeron 466 for an Athlon 1.4Ghz. The new (well, 2nd hand) system came complete with everything (64 Mhz AGP video card and all) except a hard drive, so I took my 40 GB Quantum 7200 out of my old system and transplanted it into the new one.

    Now the damn thing won't boot. I managed to get it past the POST stage and it boots into Windows ME, it's found some new hardware and loaded drivers for it, but then it finds this particular piece of new hardware - a printer port - , goes looking for the drivers and and the dreaded blue screen of death follows. A Windows error.

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


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    Peter H

    Default Re: HDD Transplant problems

    Yes - Transplants do not work. You will have to format & re-install your OS & programmes. Sorry about being negative.

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    Default Re: HDD Transplant problems

    Well I wouldn't say they [i]don't work[i/] ... I mean Windows 95 b'll take 3 restarts and be just dandy.

    But they aint perfect... yes, you will most probably have to reformat and reinstall. (Not from recovery CD I'll need a serial key)

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