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    Default Word : editing > move a page?

    hi ya,

    Word 97.

    i have a large essay im working on and have been trying to sort some pages about, (cut / paste method) and want to move the whole page but when i highlight it, it takes off and runs down the hole item, can i move a page easily?

    is there a way to move a page at a time?
    im nowhere near the print stage or i would just print and swap then but will be adding on and it will intermingle with what i already have done.
    is this possible?

    for some reason it is not in a good order and having to muddle through to change it, and best way is move a page. but am getting frustrated at the mouse highlight taking off.....up or down the page whichever the case may be....

    at this point i have 16 pages of muddle now, and still have at least another 10 to add?

    i just want a roll on effect.

    am i way out of the ball park on this idea? i always seem to get to this stage and in end give up and do a hell of a lot of shuffling about.....

    this seems real muddled, just like my work recently

    any help appreciated even just to say cant do it is fine.


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    Billy T

    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    Word experts may have a better way beetle, but I have been cursed by the same problem of the highlighting running away from me down the page or document.

    To solve the problem my way, I hold down the shift key and click my way down the page. Sometimes this will highlight a whole paragraph and sometimes it goes line by line, but whatever, it works.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    Saved ma bacon that time BT, much easier.
    thank you.

    could have done with this little bitty of knowledge a long time ago though.....

    still interested in other ideas if there are any....
    or any gems of info that might be helpful in any other way for Word.


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    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?


    Just to add to what Billy T has already said, I find it easier to click at the beginning of the paragraphs you want to move, and then hold down the shift key and click at the very end of what you want to move. Then Ctrl + C to copy, go to where you want the paragraphs placed and Ctrl + V to paste.

    Oxie (Lyn)

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    Yep, there is another easy way. :-)

    1. Put your cursor at the start of the text you want to move.

    2. Press F8.

    3. Go to the end of the text you want to move and click your mouse once so that all the text is highlighted.

    4. Ctrl+X to cut.

    5. Move your cursor to the beginning of where you want the text to go.

    6. Ctrl+V to paste.

    Done. :-)

    Important: Don't forget to paste your text before using Ctrl+X again because the first lot of text will be overwritten by the second lot if you have not pasted the first lot.

    You know that it is a good idea to always save your document and it is very helpful if you have done a save before lots of cutting and pasting in case you botch it up.

    Undo is a fantastic lifesaver too. ;-)

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    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    To highlight the text block that you wish to cut, double click the first word of the block to select it, scroll to the end of the block, hold down shift, and click on the last word of your text to be selected - the whole block should now be selected. You can now cut and paste using any of the dozen or so methods that bloat word.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    I had better enlarge on that F8 trick....

    The F8 key is useful for when you don't want to hold down the Shift key or find it difficult or tiring to do so. You can press it multiple times and it will highlight ever-increasing amounts of text each time it is pressed.

    If you change your mind and want to quit highlighting press the ESC key to cancel and then click somewhere on the document and the text will become unhighlighted.

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    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    Thanks for that. You learn something new every day!

    I meant to say Ctrl + X to cut in my earlier post, not Ctrl + C to copy.

    Oxie (Lyn)

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    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    In WP there is probably a hot key for it but you can go Edit\Select\Page

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    Default Re: Word : editing > move a page?

    You can forget the mouse altogether and uae the keyboard (it never runs away on you). Hold the Shift key and use the cursor keys to highlight what you want, and then do whatever you need to do with the highlighted text.

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