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    I enjoy listening to music CD's using Winamp, as I can tell exactly what track number I am listening to, and can easily fast-forward and rewind to parts of a track I wish to listen to.

    I also enjoy the ability to plug my headphones into the headphone jack on the front of the CD drive. (I then have to press 'play' on the CD drive itself in order to hear anything).

    Is there any way for me to combine these two features without my having to plug my headphones into the sound card at the back of my computer (a long way away)? i.e. I want to be able to plug my headphones into the CD drive, and still use Winamp to control what I listen to.


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    You could make yourself a front audio port if you are savvy with a soldering iron and hve the pins on your motherboard.

    Else get speakers with a headphone port on them.

    Else buy a reobus or something that slides into a cd drive bay and has all the dfferent plugs on the front.

    Otherwise, no. I tried to make one out of an unused cd drive bay but have yet to find out how to circuit it so the speakers turn off when I plug in my headphones... also handy to plug mics into ;-)

    Oh and welcome to pressf1 :-)

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    Thanks for that advice - pretty much what I thought

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