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    I have prevuiously had a mailer use my computer to ring Cook Islands. Fortunately it only cost me $11 and I was able to get rid of the dialer from my machine. Recently a folder has been created in my Programs folder called SCOM, Dialer, Sexcams_NZ and it keeps poping up trying to dial a 0900 No. Fortunately I had an 0900 toll bar put on my phone account after the previous attack. I don't know how this "thing" penertrated my Zonealarm fire wall but it is currently resisting all my attemps to get rid of it . I've tried Nortons delete, uninstall, renaming etc. but it won't go away ??? HELP.


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    Get Spybot from here Update it and then run it. Should get rid of it for you.

    Also get SpywareBlaster from here which "innoculates" against many of these things.

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    Billy T

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    > I don't know how this "thing" penetrated my Zonealarm fire wall

    You almost certainly invited it in via connection to an associated website. ZoneAlarm won't protect you against downloads of diallers from sites you have knowingly opened.

    Best defence is to stay away from shonky or 'exciting' sites.

    You are very unlikely to get a Sexcams dialler or any other of that ilk from mainstream business type websites.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Well you are very lucky you were only charged $11, I've heard reports of people getting charged > $1000.

    If spybot doesn't work adaware should help. The spyware FAQ 8b (hit the "FAQs" link above) will help with dialers too.

    The pron dialer would probably have been installed when you were using internet explorer. Either by prompting you to install something (which you would have agree to) or silently through one of the many security flaws in IE.

    I would also recomend installing a more secure browser. eg Firefox, which will mostly prevent the problem.
    If you choose to stick with IE, visiting windowsupdate regularly will help (but won't fix it totally).

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