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    Default Ending programme -NAV2002 A solution please.

    Hi Folks,
    Each time I shut down Windows 2000 recently a window
    appears with a blue progress bar: "End program Ending
    Program Norton's Antivirus" and there is a choice to either
    click on End now or wait a few more seconds for the progress
    bar to complete its run.
    I don't believe I have seen the End program business before
    and wish to know how to stop it happening -also what causes it.

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    Default Re: Ending programme -NAV2002 A solution please.

    Hi Learner.

    After installing NAV2004 I got the same message. I think it had something to do with one of the updates as it has now stopped without me consciously doing anything to stop it - I would not know what to do anyway.


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    Default Re: Ending programme -NAV2002 A solution please.

    It could be Script Blocking is enabled where NAV continually scans script for anything that looks like a virus. Go to NAV Help and enter Script Blocking for more info. If E mail scanning is also enabled you will get a window bottom rt in XP when NAV is checking mail.

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