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    Default networking is notworking

    heres the deal
    attempting to network 2 pcs with a crossover cable
    have manually set the ip addresses etc and can ping each pc
    from the other but cant get them to appear on the network
    each pc can only see itself

    am running xp home on one box(new) and 98se on the other
    have i missed something obvious here
    must confess that my frustration is at least matched by my ignorance

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    Default Re: networking is notworking

    Have you tried the Home Networking wizard with WinXP ? It creates the windows setups and creates an optional floppy disc for Win98

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    Default Re: networking is notworking

    Try the networking FAQ at the top of the page. Explains everything in good detail. May take a while to load though.

    Looks like you may need to set the computers to the same workgroup. Turn any firewalls you have off too, until you get the network working, then re-enable them and put each other's PC's in the trusted zones.

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    Noel Nosivad

    Default Re: networking is notworking

    Hey killrelig,

    Firewalls can be a problem, some people fix it by uninstalling the firewall and reinstalling it afterwards, same user settings on both computer and in Win98 make sure you're sharing something.

    Noel Nosivad

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: networking is notworking

    Ive found it difficult also to get win98 and XP to talk to each other using TCP/IP protocol. Some people seem able to set it up easily enough though.

    If each computer can connect to the internet, then try what Ive done to get XP/Linux/W95/W98 to all see one another, and that is to use IPX/SPX protocol for file and printer sharing, TCP/IP for internet connection.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: networking is notworking

    The Network Wizard usually fixes things up for me. Use the floppy disk option rather than the CD.

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    Default Re: networking is notworking

    > am running xp home on one box(new) and 98se on the
    > other

    Also make sure there is a "guest" account on the win xp computer or you will have a hard time sharing files (I know this from networking a win xp pro computer & Win Me computer)

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    mE ( smiley face here )

    Default Re: networking is notworking

    i have the exactly the same problem, but win98 dosent have the right driver and i cant find the correct one. I got the XP pc to ping the win98 pc but they were at different ping times, if you find this problem too it means i DO know what im doing, but im still stumped ?:|

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    Default Re: networking is notworking

    You DON'T have to set anyone up as guest on XP, if you want to share a folder.

    When or if u want to network 98 to it. You just have to make sure you tick use simple file sharing under tools/folder options/view.

    On the 98 PC, under network in control panel.

    double click on TCP/IP network card...

    Click on DNS config..

    For Host type the name of the pc you've given the main PC (the one with ICS enabled) ..John/Jack or whatever.

    Domain - Workgroup name - Usually MSHOME is better if XP is one of the networked PC's.

    DNS server search - Click on Add . Type in

    Click on Gateway - Add / Type in

    Click on IP address, click on specify an ip address. Type in whatever ip you want with 192.168.0.x.

    Make sure TCP/IP is installed. If you want file sharing/printer sharing. Install it from Network in Control Panel. Then OK then reboot.

    This will let the 98 PC get on the net, as well as share a folder.

    NOTE: 98 SE or above can only be used for ICS. 98 and below don't have the option.

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