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    Default ADSL router for 3 networked computers


    This thread is similar to the other thread currently running, but it can be a bit difficult to untangle so much different advice.

    I currently have 3 home computers connected by an 8 port switch, with one computer currently acting as the print / internet gateway.

    If I buy something like the D-link DSL-500 or the Dynalink RTA220, what will I have to do to setup the computer network again?

    Can I "just" plug the modem into the existing switch or does it have to be connected to a computer? (and the filters needed for the phones etc around the house).


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    Default Re: ADSL router for 3 networked computers

    Basically yes, filters on all non ADSL equipment (phone, fax, medical alarm etc)

    Depending on the modem, they can operate without being plugged into a PC, the two below definitely can.

    You will need to either configure the modem to match your internal networks IP range, or set all your computer to pick up their IP addresses via DHCP off the ADSL modem (which is probably the better bet)

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    Billy T

    Default Re: ADSL router for 3 networked computers

    Just plug the router into the switch Nic, and use the router IP address (probably as the gateway on each of the networked computers. Use fixed IP addresses instead of DHCP, which will reduce the overhead for your computers. Why search for or dynamically assign IP addresses when they can be permanently recorded? Makes pinging your network components for fault finding easier too.

    I use xtra's ip addresses as my DNS entries. ( & .5)

    It was so easy even I could do it and get it right first time.


    Billy 8-{)

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