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    Default what is the cheapest graphics card for halflife 2

    im in the market for a graphics card but i want one that will run halflife 2 but i dont want to spend to much can anyone help me

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    Default Re: what is the cheapest graphics card for halflife 2

    Well,they game isnt out yet so who knows what the minimum card to run it will be?

    Im sure it will bring even top of the line cards to their knees at max detail,1600x800,and a dollop of AA and anistropic filtering.

    Buy the best you can afford,if your limited by budget then i suggest a ati9600XT or a nvidia 5700,i certainly wouldnt recomed any less.

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    Default Re: what is the cheapest graphics card for halflife 2

    I haven't been following the latest graphics cards lately so I will leave the recommendations up to someone else. What I can suggest is that since you're on a budget, wait until the game is actually released before splashing out. Its will be a couple of months (maybe 6 or more, games are always behind schedule).

    By the time its actually released everything will have dropped in price so you can get something better/cheaper and there will be benchmarks published so you will know exactly how well the various cards will perform.

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    Default Re: what is the cheapest graphics card for halflife 2

    Yeah - do as bmason said - wiat until the games come out.
    I don't think its 6months away - a bit less, but there is still the possiblilty of prices falling.
    Nvidia are releasing there new chipset in April/may (which i don't no much about) and Ati will follow (the new ati chipset is supposedly twice as fast as the 9800's - and is available in teh PCI express format)
    So this, no doubt will bring prices down.
    But if you really need a card now - and don't wanan spend to much, go for one of these:
    Radeon 9600xt (128 less than $300, 256mb $300+)
    Nvidia 5700 - less tahn $300
    5700 ultra - above $300


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