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    hehe.. that's ok..

    seems like i'm going to spend the rest of the night reading/trialling ideas from this other site.

    back to my boot disk question, i dl disks from the MS site but these disks set up the CDrom so that i could then use that to boot/install XP home. Is there anyway i can get to DOS from a boot disk, where i have access to my hdd and not just the disk that's in the drive?

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    Graham L

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    If you've got a DOS prompt, try dir C:. If that looks good, try C: . ("Enter" after the command ;-)). But NTFS will probably stop this working.

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    what options do i have for getting to DOS prompt?

    i only have a win98 boot disk, which isn't really going to help. XP boot disks that i dl from the site don't have any options which get me DOS prompt either as far as i've explored..

    I seem to recall once upon a time, there were certain keys u could hold down which would take you to DOS, but not sure what they are, or if they still exist? I realise this doesn't load drivers or anything, but i think it would be a step in the right direction. .

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    what is the ACPI setting? and how do u change it?

    this problem is driving me nuts, as i've removed my USB2 card, and disabled it.. tried moving RAM around, and as many other possibilities as i could think about....

    has anyone else here had the mup.sys problem?

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    I just skimmed the posts so not sure if someone has suggested this but how about trying 'last known good configuration'.......that'll tell you if you try it and you cant get to windows that it'll be a hardware or bios setting.....

    to get to 'last known good.....' tap F8 key repeatedly right from when you first turn on the puter ......that'll bring you to a menu screen from which you can choose using your arrow keys and the enter key..

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