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    Default Would you buy a Dell

    I am considering purchasing a DimensionTM 8300 Desktop, it can be seen on the home page.
    It looks quite well specked for approximate 2.5k

    Would I be better to use a local shop (I am in Christchurch) to build me one or just go to Dell.

    I have purchased for a local shop in the past and was not impressed when i had a couple of minor problems and there lack of after sales service.

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    Poppa John

    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    You could try Metla on this forum!!! PJ


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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell


    This may be of interest.

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    I believe people should buy local to ensure they have access to the company who sold the machine.Im sure people here can recommend someone in Christchurch.

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    ooh. a fellow cantabrian

    try one of teh shops on moorehouse ave if you want a local preson, but if you're not worried about that, get the dell

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    I have had excellent service from Computer Future in Christchurch, and they have been in business a long time.

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    I have had shocking service form Computer future and would not use them again.

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    *hamstar shudders at the thought of department store pcs*

    Are you joking. Don't you know that big company PC's like this suck!?

    That link metla posted fully supports that statement. They're ****!

    It's far better (and cheaper) to get one custom made at your local computer store, or if they're **** from previous experience, then give them the finger!

    I bought my computer in bits from QMB in aucks (which I highly recommend - great shop) and built it myself. Way cheaper! I saved like $400-$800 by doing that than buying a compaq brick. If I had the time, they could have built it for me in an hour for $20!!! Consequently it took me and cold_fu5ion (went in with his dad and him to get our pc's - lucky he's gotta van) a day to build ours but it was fun.

    Plus, Compaq, IBM and HP started TCPA!!! So if you buy from them, you're supporting capitalism, no competition in the computer market and THE END OF THE WORLD!!! (site)
    And Dell are on the TCPA membership list. Actually a lot of companies are. But Don't buy Dell! They have more power than AMD or nVidia because they construct computers.

    TCPA membership list

    Anyway, thats why I think you shouldn't buy dell.

    [pre]I'm not crazy, honest![/pre]

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    and remeber Compaq Sucks

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    Default Re: Would you buy a Dell

    Dell are quite good actually despite the sometimes foul mouthed comments posted here. Their telephone support is a lot slower recently since being outsourced to India, but it's still OK. If you pay for the on site warrantee (not much and money well spent) they'll come out next day and replace any faulty parts on the spot. When you can buy a computer case and power supply for $120 nowadays the proprietry case argument is not really an issue any more. They still take standard peripherals, RAM, hard drives, PCI cards and AGP cards (as long as you don't buy a slim line one of course) so they are actually very close to fully standard.

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