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    What is the opinion of the panel on Dell, i have been comparing there custom built machines a 3.2GHz w/HT Desktop which retails at approx $2500, it can be found at

    Choose DimensionTM 8300 Desktop

    I have tried to build a few machines on line and they cost more for the same kind of specs or am I doing it wrong?

    Your opinions would be great.

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    Sorry go to desktops from the menu and then go to DimensionTM 8300 Desktop.

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    Build your own at ascent or paradigm with a better power supply ,M/Board ,graphics card,bigger HDD and soundcard also bigger monitor 19" minimum stick to CRT if you have the desk space .
    Use 98SE or borrow a mates O/S use your own existing software that is where most peoples cash goes

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    I looked at Ascent and they seem quite expensive?

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    Any recommendations to buy in Christchurch?

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