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    Default winxp: size & size on disk

    When I go into the properties of a file or folder winxp lists the "size" and "size on disk". The "size on disk" is always about 1 percent bigger than "size". I'm guessing that "size" is refered to as 1000 bytes X 1000 bytes... and "size on disk" is 1024 bytes X 1024 bytes... but I'm not sure

    Does anyone know what the actual story is?

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    Default Re: winxp: size & size on disk

    i think thats what it would mean

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    Babe Ruth

    Default Re: winxp: size & size on disk

    The file size reported is

    (i) The actual size of the file in bytes

    (ii) The size the file takes up on disk which is dependent on the disk Allocation Unit Size. The allocation unit size (also known as the cluster size) is the smallest space that can be allocated to a file.

    The allocation unit size can be:

    (i) the Default selection, in which Windows XP selects the appropriate cluster size based on volume (disk/partition) size,
    (ii) 512 bytes.
    (iii) 1024 bytes.
    (iv) 2048 bytes or
    (v) 4096 bytes.

    Cheers, Babe.

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