A client is using MS Office v.4, which was released around 1994. They have upgraded to Windows 95 and have a copy of Office 95, as yet unloaded. Apart from Word and Excel, the main use is a database in Access (v.2). Data including dates for 2000 will need to be entered from the beginning of 1999.

The MS Y2K site states that Office v.4 is not Y2K compliant, but Office 95 is compliant with patches installed. Office 97 is stated to be fully compliant.

Another contact has been told by MS NZ that Office 97 is not compliant, and to wait for Office 2000 to be released in March 99 (if this date can be taken as reliable!). This would also require upgrading to Windows 98.

Personally I am not too enthusiastic about installing the 95 version with patches. Any comments / suggestions on an effective, safe and reliable solution to this dilemma?