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    Default Nero on (yes) win 98

    Have installed Nero 5.5 on PC running Win 98

    installed ok using a Sony CDRW

    The problem is that Nero only pick up image recorder and not the Sony CDRW The wried thing is that under the Nero Diagnostics info it pick up the drive fine.

    any advice appreciated

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    Default Re: Nero on (yes) win 98

    So whats actually the problem?

    i assume you can't burn cd's and under choose recorder you don't see the sony?

    update nero the the last of the nero 5.5. also check for the cd info file at if that dosn't help check with nero that they support your model.

    did nero come bundled with the sony?

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    Default Re: Nero on (yes) win 98

    try the latest aspi drivers also try delete the cd drivers and disconnect power from burner then reboot and do a auto detect was it working before ?

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    Default Re: Nero on (yes) win 98

    Im with Tweak'e in thinking it may not be the correct version of Nero. If you've borrowed a mates OEM version or whatever, it wont work. They are Vendor Specific.

    ...And Nero on Win98 isnt that hard... Now Win95 is something different ;-)


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    Default Re: Nero on (yes) win 98

    i use nero 6 on 98SE works fine with dvd and cdrw etc

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