Last year I found I had managed to pick up a Doubleclick cookie, so I deleted it. Yes, a big mistake, I now know what I should have done but it's too late. I don't mind cookies, but this one really ticks me off. Due to an unrelated problem I have had to re-install several times. I've even used FDISK and started from scratch. But there it is for all to see, that cookie is still making my cookies open to all. If I re-install the first cookie I get is from my ISP and it is anyuser@ etc. I am determined to beat it. I have worked out one way, set up a desktop complete with password and create everything new from scratch. Now I have normal cookies. I prefer not to run software that stops them all together, I have the pc set to warn me and I check all cookies for expiry dates and domains. So far so good. Does anyone have any idea how this doubleclick cookie has survived my scorched earth campaign? Could it have written something to the boot sector? Yes I know this is an extreme idea but I would a imagine a lot of viruses would be easier to get rid of.