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    Got a small problem. I've got an old ISA 56Kb modem up and running under Makdrake Linux it connects and works fine, moving at about 3.4 kb/sec. But after about 1-2 minutes it quickly gets slower and slower until it says it has 'stalled'. After another minute or so it goes back up to 3.4, then back down to 'stalled' and stays either here or at 0.2 kb/sec for the rest of the time. Anyone have any advice for this? Maybe the modems configured wrong, it's on ttyS2 (COM3) on IRQ 4.

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    Does it _just_ do it in Linux?

    Could be your phone cable?

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    Dolby Digital

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    Yeah, sounds like the ISP end (or the "internet" is busy). Try at an off peak time (early in the morning).

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