I just recently upgraded my PC to a Super 5 Celeron333 on a BX motherboard with a Diamond Stealth 2 G460 AGP 8MB graphics card and 64MB SDRAM.
I'm extremely happy with the way it runs and while it's tempting to set the M/B jumper to 100mhz, iI'll probably leave it at 66.
My question is this.
My SDRAM is presumably 10ns? if so is the 100mhz RAM 8ns?, can I later install a 100mhz processor like a P2 350 or higher and keep my present RAM?
Also I was told not to install any more than 64MB as that is all a Pentium 2 can use at any one time, now that seems strange, is it because it is a 32 bit not a 64 bit processor?and would the xeon be different? surely my PC would benefit from 96 or even 128MB of RAM?