Hi all

We had guys working on the power cables yesterday and the {insert rude words here}'s cut off the power a few times without warning. The first power cut turned off both my computers while they were busy and left me waiting (and biting my nails!) to see if they'd survived ok.

They both load up alright, (oh thank gawd! the relief! *grin*) but now my main computer has this error message I don't understand, and my favourite little email program just wont load.

The program is eprompter, the error is: ' Runtime Error! Program: C:\program files\eprompter\eprompter.exe. Abnormal program Termination'

I uninstalled and reinstalled... but had the same problem again. I went to the eprompter website and downloaded the newest version, but again the same problem.

So it seems I can't just sweep this error away... does anyone know how to fix it? What is a runtime error anyway?

FYI: 800mhz 320 ram win98