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Thread: Blaster ?

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    Default Blaster ?

    it's not me.

    first up my friend rings up to say we have the net! they have just joined, she is over the moon about this, but she said we have a problem and she rang to say it keeps shutting down..... the computer that is,

    Error says

    Remote call procedure service terminated unexpectedly.
    60 seconds to save....etc

    this is blaster isnt it?

    now i am doing a frantic brain search as to how can i help her???

    she has nortons apparently,
    please help me, and refresh my memory of what to do as i have not had this thing.


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    Murray P

    Default Re: Blaster ?

    Hi beet

    Could be so. Get them onto the Symantic site for the updates for Nortons and links and how to's to fix.

    What OS are they using and has it been patched at all?

    Cheers Murray P

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Blaster ?

    MS "Contains no data". Which we all knew all along didn't we. Anyway thats the message I'm getting while checking out the convaluted history for another patch. I guess the stampede is causing a little strain on their servers so your fiend may have to be patient beet.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Default Re: Blaster ?

    They have just got online, she doesnt know what im talking about when i said updates, so im picking not,

    i dont know nortons myself so may be a block for me, but i can see what i will be doing for her tonight, and i have school tomorow, so no sleep....

    she is a total noob, has never been online ever before, and did not know to safe gaurd her comp.

    and its a PC co one i think, earlier model than mine, (she's had hers longer though)



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    Default Re: Blaster ?

    > this is blaster isnt it?


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    Default Re: Blaster ?

    If i have this update installed how can i manually download it to disk to take round to her place?????

    im off to search symatec now.


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    Default Re: Blaster ?

    crap. teh ms site is down ans i cant find it on symantec

    i'm doing the same time cos a family i know is getting a windows xp computer switching from mac.

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    Default Re: Blaster ?

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    Default Re: Blaster ?

    > i'm doing the same time cos a family i know is
    > getting a windows xp computer switching from
    > mac.

    Turning on the XP inbuilt firewall will protect it from baster.

    If its already infected just remove it from start-up,enable the firewall so it doesnt get re-infected and download the fix.

    Isnt it amazing this file is still bouncing around at such a rate?

    I logged onto the net a few weeks back on an unprotected machine and it was infected within 20 seconds.....

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