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Thread: HTML editors

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    Ah, I knew there was one I had missed: Arachnophila. That may be just what you require. ;-)

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    Strongly reccomend 1st page from evrsoft. Extremely good.

    Apparently new one coming soon. I would definately have this, if I had not bought Dreamweaver.

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    Or if you dont want to wait for the newer version, try HTML Builder XP, which is basically the same, but with more options, because it used to be the same company or something.

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    I use TSW Webcoder ( May be a bit more that you want (about a 2.6Meg install, includes FTP cabability, etc) but I like the way you can you can jump between HTML, preview, or a quickedit WYSIWYG mode where you can do some minor edits in the preview screen.

    ...and it's free...

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    TSW WebPad is absolutly perfect...


    Only problem is minor: it displays a nagging registration box so the authur can keep track of how many people use his program..


    PS Welcome to PF1 hillisp!!

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    i second craigs suggestion, its a great no frills html editor, with a built in preview function,

    grtz sal.

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