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    Billy T

    Default Word 2000 dictionary set to US as well as NZ english.

    Hi Team

    Word 2000 suddenly started to throw up anomalous (US style) spell-check results and when I checked in Tools/Languages/Set language I found that both US and NZ were enabled (ticked) and sitting at the top of the list. However, in Tools/Options/Spelling & Grammar/Dictionaries only English (NZ) is enabled. I have reset English (NZ) to "default" in the first of those locations to remind it who is in charge here, but I'm not sure that dual entries are correct.

    I can't see how to remove the US reference and I hesitate to try playing with other languages in case I end up with Spanish or Mongolian as well!
    Any ideas on how to eliminate the US entry, or is it OK to leave there?.

    I know that Americans have difficulty conceiving of nations and languages outside the good 'ol US of A, but it would seem a bit incongruous to have, say, German or French automatically paired with English (US), so in my view I should be able to remove it.


    Billy 8-{) :|

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    Default Re: Word 2000 dictionary set to US as well as NZ english.

    To remove the US you need to actually change your system language setting in the control panel Keyboard Setting (Win2k,98 and 95) or Regional and Language options (WinXP) Delete the reference to English US and reboot, make sure the only language is English NZ. Once you have rebooted then you can go and alter the Word language setting and hopefully the English US is history ;-)

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